How to Install your Blinds

Although blinds can look really good on your window, the thought of installing them can seem a bit painful, and slightly daunting. When you purchase your new blinds, you should get a set of instructions to show you how to put them up. The information below on how to install your blinds will give you a place to start, but ensure you read the instructions provided as well. Another source of help can be accessed by visiting You will need a few things before you get to work, including a power drill, drill bit, two screwdrivers – one with a crossed head and one with a flat head, box of screws, a pencil and a pair of steady hands!

The method used to install your blinds, will depend on the type you have. The first step for all types, however, is to decide where you want to place them. This does not just mean the location within the house, but rather exactly where you want them on the window. When installing roller blinds, you should use the brackets provided with the blinds to mark out the drill holes. The blinds will have to be level, in order for them to roll up and down appropriately and smoothly. The next step is to drill the holes and then screw in the brackets. When you have completed this you should clip the blind into place, and attach the chain to wall with the chain tensioner. Your roller blinds should now roll up and down with ease. These instructions on how to install your blinds should work, if followed accurately.

The installation of Venetian blinds starts by deciding on the position and marking out the drill holes with the brackets provided. After this, you should drill the holes (2 per bracket) and then screw in your brackets to hold the blinds in place. Open the hinged doors and place the blinds carefully in the correct position. Ensure the blinds are straight and are sitting perfectly, before you close over the hinged doors. Use the clips to attach pelmet over the top of the head-box, and you are all set. Now that you know how to install your blinds, you will be able to enjoy them to their full extend.

If you are looking to learn how to install your blinds, and they are of the Roman variety, you should use these simple steps as a reference. Firstly, you should decide on the place for the blinds, then mark out drill holes and drill through the head-rail. Place the brackets onto the wall and put the blinds just above them. Ensure your Roman blinds are positioned the way you want them and they should sit perfectly.