How to Install your Blinds

Although blinds can look really good on your window, the thought of installing them can seem a bit painful, and slightly daunting. When you purchase your new blinds, you should get a set of instructions to show you how to put them up. The information below on how to install your blinds will give you a place to start, but ensure you read the instructions provided as well. Another source of help can be accessed by visiting You will need a few things before you get to work, including a power drill, drill bit, two screwdrivers – one with a crossed head and one with a flat head, box of screws, a pencil and a pair of steady hands! (more…)

How to Clean and Maintain your Blinds

It is important to keep blinds clean, so you maintain the fabric and ensure they will last you for a long time. On a daily basis, you should give them a clean with a duster, just to get rid of the build up of dust. Blinds can become really dusty, without you even realising, and it won’t look too good when people are over to visit. (more…)

Blackout Blinds

Blackout Blinds are blinds which contain a coating to stop light getting into the room. These are ideal for those summer days when you want to prevent the sunlight from getting into your living room, and in the way of the television. They are also ideal if you like to go for a sleep during the day or are perhaps working night-shift, and don’t want to be kept awake by the daylight. Another benefit of blackout blinds is to help give you privacy, particularly for use in the bathroom and living area. (more…)

Finding the perfect blinds

Blinds are part of any home, and are a good way of keeping the daylight out, whilst giving you some extra privacy and insulation. There are a variety of types of blinds on the market, which are designed to suit your preference and style of your home. No matter what you are looking for, you will find a set of blinds to fulfil your needs. (more…)

How To Measure Your Blinds

Ensuring you have made the correct measurements for your ‘Made To Measure’ blinds is easy thanks to our helpful guide. Here, we have simplified each stage so you can get on with your measurements quickly and accurately. We’ve also added in a few handy tips to make life easier. (more…)